New Tech Press (NTP) is an online publication published by Footwasher Media Inc. and staffed by experienced freelance journalists.  NTP is supported by sponsorship not advertising.  Companies covered by NTP may participate directly in the sponsorship of the content, but they are restricted from controlling the nature of the content.  

NTP restricts coverage of individual companies to those with less than $300 million in revenue.  Admittedly it is an arbitrary number, but we are looking for news that is not covered by larger more traditional publications .  NTP features profiles of these companies, stories on industry issues and trends, as well as video and audio interviews.  In the near future NTP, will also feature a searchable database developed from the content the staff creates and will offer custom research by editors on specific subjects.

NTP is the best way for small tech companies to affordably sponsor objective reporting on the technology industry, raising their visibility and perceived value to both customers and the investment community.

New Tech Press is entirely self-funded and a subsidiary of Footwasher Media Inc.