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Sony hacks may force companies to eliminate passwords

Jan 2nd, 2015 | By

This article is the first of a year-long series of articles looking at outsourcing services and how they are no longer just a means of saving money.  We look today into the arena of cybersecurity and a startup using contract software design to create a new security paradigm.

By Lou Covey, Editorial Director

gty_computer_password_ll_131204_16x9_992The hack and subsequent terror threat of Sony Pictures laid bare the inherent weakness of cyber security in the world. Even the most powerful firewall technology is vulnerable to the person with the right user name and password (credentials).  In the case of Sony, the administration credentials were

CES and 4KTV: The industry has it backward again

Jan 2nd, 2014 | By


By Lou Covey, Editorial Director

Many tech media outlets (as well as several general media pubs like the WSJ) are predicting that 4K television will be a very big deal this year at the annual tech echo chamber known as CES.

The question I keep asking, however, is “Why?” So far, I’m not getting an answer.creatingcomics_clip_image002

In truth, most of the media is focusing on technology that is driven by sponsors and advertisers at CES, and 4K TV is a big deal for the companies making the TVs as well as the component manufacturers and embedded software/hardware …