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imPARTing Knowledge 3: Understanding Component Engineering – Microcontrollers

Oct 26th, 2011 | By

By Steve Terry, SK Communications
Advisor to

Many small board designs benefit nicely from the use of a microcontroller.  But selecting an appropriate one for a particular design often brings on the feeling of “Where do I begin?”

This discussion limits its focus to low-end microcontrollers.  For this purpose, we’ll stick with 8-bit devices.  8-bits simply means that internal processing only operates on 8 bits at a time.  As one would expect, 16- and 32-bit micros would operate much faster as they are processing more bits of data with each instruction.  To be sure, much of the same thinking …

Synthesis Needs to Change to Serve Modern Chip Design

Jun 2nd, 2009 | By

By Tets Maniwa

Senior contributing editor for New Tech Press
Copyright March 2009 by Footwasher Media

As EDA tools evolve, the resulting products try to increase automation. Unfortunately, the last great advance was from schematics to language-based design starting with the first synthesis tools in the mid-80’s. Designs have grown more challenging and complex over the past 25 years as process geometries have gone from 0.5mm to 32nm and design from 100,000 gates to over 100,000,000 gates.

As process dimensions shrink below 90nm, synthesis tools must provide more information to the back-end tools than previous generations of the processes and