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OpenText offers secure collaboration environment

Jun 16th, 2015 | By

At the 52nd Design Automation Conference in San Francisco, we talked to Rod Simon of OpenText about their collaboration platform, Exceed VA Turbo X that was introduced to the EDA industry at the conference.  With a web-based interface, Exceed VA TurboX is a hybrid solution intended to improve users productivity by enhancing collaboration from any location, securely. Exceed VA TurboX is designed for the enterprise data center so administrators to easily manage and monitor access to sensitive applications and data. Here’s the interview:


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ARM, x86, GPUs not filling the bill for HPC

Jul 1st, 2014 | By

by Lou Covey

The data industry has been limping along with processing systems designed for personal computing and jury-rigged for big data and high performance computing. It has worked for light-touch computing applications like Facebook, but for compute-intensive applications like the Oculus Rift virtual environment and Oracle’s database in-memory, the hardware infrastructure is woefully insufficient (even Oracle’s hardware).

The Rube-Goldbergesque contrivances that have brought us this far have made it easy to ignore investment in new approaches, but they will fail us in the foreseeable future and retard growth in data-intensive enterprises.  And the efforts of the …

Yotta Data Sciences may have the answer to lowering chip design cost

Jun 11th, 2013 | By

Yesterday we ran a report about whether chip design could be effectively reduced to the point of profitability for innovative designs.  Conventional wisdom said that possibility will not come around for at least 10 years.  But in our year-long investigation we stumbled across a very quiet company, Yotta Data Sciences, and its founder and CEO Tom Grebinski, that might have a solution that would speed the process up within a couple of years.

Grebinski has put his thumbprint on the semiconductor industry for a couple of decades.  He dealt with how ICs are physically composed by pioneering atomic …

Quest for the 10K Chip: Final Report

Jun 10th, 2013 | By

Part 1: Is this trip necessary?

By Lou Covey
New Tech Press
First appeared in Print Version of Chip Design Magazine (June 2013)

At the Design Automation Conference in June 2012, Verilab’s JL Gray posed a perfectly unreasonable question: “Can you build a chip to verified prototype for less than $10,000 that an investor would want to back as a product?”  Over the past few months a variety of experts on the subject came to consensus and, as it turns out, the answer is yes and no. Yes, you can build one to prototype, but no, an investor would not …

IC design is focused on wrong problems

Mar 5th, 2013 | By

By Lou Covey
Editorial Director

The semiconductor design industry is focused on the wrong problems, according to Brad Brech, distinguished engineer at IBM at the ISQED symposium in Santa Clara yesterday.  Stating his position in the most diplomatic terms, that was the upshot of his talk on “sustaining Innovation for Smarter Computing in Data Centers.”

While chip design is focused on increasing speed and computing power, Brech said efficiency and cost control are the biggest concerns of the end customer now.

Brech said the chip industry is still focused on incremental increases in performance but the improvements we see in …