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Coin Guard: Home security for the tech impaired

Oct 13th, 2014 | By

Home security gadgets are all the rage, fueled in no small part by Dropcam and their competitors.  But video surveillance and smart locks have issues of data storage and hack-ability to deal with that scares most non-techie types.  Pilot Labs, a small OEM wireless product manufacturing company in San Diego, decided to leap into the fray with a product that brings wireless security to the masses who have a hard time figuring out fax machines.

Coin Guard, currently awaiting funding through Kickstarter before it becomes widely available, hopefully in time for Christmas, Is a disk about two inches across that …

Tying the home to the Smart Grid

Apr 16th, 2012 | By

Most of the attention in the Smart Grid is given to the utilities and their controversial wireless smart meters.  But for the consumer to see real value in the technology requires creating a local network of appliances and systems within the home. That’s not an easy task.

There are many smart appliances on the market ready to tie into the grid, but not everyone is flush enough to go out an buy an entirely new set of appliances.  Somehow, the industry needs to create aftermarket.  At the DesignWest conference, Qualcomm Atheros was demonstrating your their products and techniques can move …

Wireless Technology: Where we’ve been and where we’re going

Jan 20th, 2012 | By

Following is a Footwasher Media interview with Fanny Mlinarsky, President of octoScope, sponsored by element14. We discuss next generation OFDM and MIMO techniques and how they are evolving from the LTE and 802.11n technologies to the emerging technologies being developed for LTE-Advanced and 802.11ac solutions .

Fanny Mlinarsky

FM: Simply put, both technologies are evolving to run faster over a longer range and to support multiple simultaneous transmissions in the same space and frequency channel.

Faster data rates are achieved through the use of wider channels, higher orders of MIMO (multiple input multiple output) and higher order modulation. …